Explore Excite Engage: Class blogging in English

This post is a summary of the resources and references from my English Teachers’ Association of NSW 2014 presentation, entitled “Explore, Excite, Engage: Class blogging in English”.

View my full Prezi presentation by clicking on the image below.

Class Blogging

Don’t forget to check out the sample blogs that I have created, which include how to set up a class blog on each site:

My class blog can be found here: Year 8 English.

Conceptual programs, which I have written for the Australian Curriculum NSW Syllabus, and embedded with blogging, can be found here:

  • Our World Our Future – Stage 4 – Sustainability and Contextuality
  • Beyond Borders – Stage 5 – Asia and Perspective – texts exploring empathy and the refugee experience

Download the handout for the session, with my top tips for class blogging.

Check out my blog post about class blogging:

And finally, watch my students tell you why you should be blogging with your classes:


Please get in touch if you’re class blogging – I’d love to hear from you!

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